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Disability Network’s Parent Network connects parents, guardians, and families of individuals with disabilities to one another for peer support, information, and resources.  Topics are chosen to help families learn more about resources and the community, as well as skill build.  Information ranges from advocating, benefits planning, self-determination and person-centered planning, to group discussion about family life and needs.  For information about the group contact Nicole Miller at 231.922.0903, ext. 318.

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Parent Network Workshop Series hosted at TBAISD Conference Center on Feb. 20, March 20, and April 17. Call 231.922.0903 for additional information or to request info in a different format.

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The Parent Network Workshops are a casual setting that will allow you to network with other parents and guardians, and share your personal experiences.  Sharing in creative problem solving leads to success!  Our Parent Network coordinator, Nicole Miller, has a wealth of knowledge and resources in her toolbox to share with the group.  She can answer your specific questions and help guide you to the right path for your current questions and needs.

Our Parent Network Workshop series are FREE and the February through April meetings are hosted at the TBAISD (Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District) Conference Center located at 1101 Red Drive, Traverse City.  These workshops are hosted on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.


FEBRUARY 20:  Employment

MARCH 20:  Recreation and Community

APRIL 17:  Housing

If you would like additional information, please contact Nicole Miller by calling 231.922.0903 ext. 318 or email her at

*If Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District (TBAISD) closes due to winter weather our Parent Network Workshop will be cancelled. 


Family Supports and Resources including info on Disability Network Parent Network, Michigan Alliance for Families, and Special Education Parent Advisory Committee. Call 231.922.0903 to request info in a different format.

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We understand that parenting is a hard, but also rewarding in so many different ways.

Join our team and learn about additional resources that can be helpful and support your loved one as they grow.  Sharing in creative problem solving leads to success.

Michigan Alliance For Families offers information, support, and education.  They are a statewide resource to connect families of children with disabilities to resources to help improve their children’s education.  They help facilitate parent involvement as a means of improving educational services ad outcomes for students with disabilities.

Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (SEPAC) works with the Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District to help parents navigate their child’s educational journey.


This program provides the opportunity for individuals over the age of 18, and not receiving supports from an educational program, to participate in a program designed to improve on social skills on a weekly basis under the guidance of a trained facilitator in a small group setting.  Topics include organizational skills, building and maintaining relationships, employment skill building and planning outings in the community, among others.

For information about this group contact Nicole Miller at 231.922.0903, ext. 318.

Upcoming Webinars

Michigan Alliance for Families – on demand webinars

National Autism Association Autism Atrium Program free ongoing and recorded webinars