Nursing Facility Transition

a teenaged female walks down a ramp with an elderly woman using a walkerDo you or a loved one what to move back into the community and move out of a nursing facility?  Know all your living options.  We can help find the right options for you!

Our Nursing Facility Transition provides assistance to individuals living in nursing homes who want to transition into their own home.  Our Program Coordinators assist with setting up the appropriate accommodations to ensure safety and independence.

You may be eligible for services if you:

  • Live in a nursing facility.
  • Receive Medicaid in the nursing facility.
  • Want to live in your community.
  • Have encountered barriers to moving out.
  • Receive enough income to support yourself.

Find out more information by contacting Leslie Witkop – TF: 866.869.8600, or Lenny Avery cell: 989.858.0197