Employment Services

a woman gets help typing a resumeContact Bill Zimmer – 231.922.0903 ext. 314 or Sherrie Goff-Hoogerhyde 231.922.0903 ext. 316

Disability Network Northern Michigan (DNNM) is a credentialed, certified Employment Network offering the following services:


  • Individualized employment advisement, assessment, and referral service.
  • Information and referral to State Vocational-Rehab Services as appropriate.
  • Connection with Community resources through DNNM “Information and Assistance.”


  • Certified Benefits Practitioner will work with you to determine how working will affect your benefits.
  • Identify appropriate work incentives information to maximize your self-sufficiency goals.
  • Transitional Benefits Information for Students.
  • Determining resources that will assist you with your “Ticket To Work” and self-sufficiency goals.


  • Information and referral for developing and improving job skills.
  • Help with resume and cover letter, job interview tips, and job search strategies.
  • Advocacy and resources for accommodations.


  • Self-sufficiency assessment.
  • Confidential feedback on social security benefits over payments, credit card issues, student loans, garnishments, and other related matters.
  • Referral to appropriate financial services and resources.


  • Under the auspices of American Dream Employment Network (ADEN), we can offer continuity of the above employment supports by professional staff, as well as protection from Medical Continuing Disability Reviews through “Ticket To Work” program.


We work in partnership with Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS) and you to develop comprehensive employment plans for people with disabilities, which are customized to meet your needs and desires.

  • Assess vocational-employment goals and identify barriers.
  • Job readiness guidance – work with you to provide assistance and guidance in the employment process, such as job search methods, on-line applications, resume writing, interviewing skills, and transportation needs.
  • Navigate community resources to enhance financial independence and mitigate effects of poverty.
  • Guidance as to how employment will effect SSI/SSDI, DHHS, and other benefits you are currently receiving.
  • Individual advocacy training and education.
  • Information on the latest work incentives offered by social security, and how they can help.

Contact Bill Zimmer – 231.922.0903 ext. 314 or Sherrie Goff-Hoogerhyde 231.922.0903 ext. 316

American Dream Employment Network (ADEN)

American Dream Employment Network (ADEN) logo - yellow sun with blue textDisability Network Northern Michigan is now a member of the American Dream Employment Network (ADEN).  ADEN is the first national administrative Employment Network providing face-to-face services to individuals receiving Social Security Administration (SSA) disability benefits under the Ticket to Work program.

For individuals receiving SSA disability benefits, the return to gainful employment can be complicated and challenging.  The SSA recognizes the challenges that beneficiaries face in returning to work and, as a result, are able to offer supports through the Ticket to Work program to individuals who have the goal of achieving financial self-sufficiency.  If you are receiving SSI or Social Security Disability Insurance benefits and are between the ages of 18-64 and looking for employment, Ticket to Work can be one of many work incentives to help get individuals with disabilities into the workforce.

As a new Member of ADEN, we at Disability Network Northern Michigan want to invite all of our current customers/clients who are receiving Social Security disability benefits to explore assigning your Ticket to Work.  Assigning your Ticket to ADEN is voluntary and there is no fee to assign your Ticket with ADEN.  There is no risk involved, only benefits in assigning your Ticket with ADEN.  You will continue to receive services from our agency, but as an ADEN Member, we can explore with you how the Ticket to Work logoTicket program can further expand the resources available to you to support you in your current job, assist you in finding a job and help you advance in your career.

We can also assist you in understanding how best to leverage your current financial situation, and future planning for a more secure financial future.  Our ADEN Ticket Specialist, Bill Zimmer can work with you to discover if you have a Ticket available, and will also discuss with you further about the Ticket program to see if you are interested in receiving these supports – the choice is completely yours.

Learn more today by scheduling a time to meet with contact Bill Zimmer at 231.922.0903, ext. 314 or Sherrie Goff-Hoogerhyde 231.922.0903 ext. 316

To read and hear about success stories of people on disability benefits improving their financial situation, visit www.choosework.net.