Access for Everyone

“Now I can get my feet wet in Grand Traverse Bay.” ~Jeanne

Access for Everyone is a campaign led by local individuals to ensure EVERYONE has the ability to actively work, play, and live in our community.

The grassroots movement advocates for universal accessibility and provides solutions to break down the barriers that prevent people with disabilities from participating in our community.

Access Team: Qualified volunteers of various abilities analyze and measure the accessibility of public spaces.  The team provides detailed suggestions for affordable ways to remove existing barriers.

Education: Disability experts provide insightful training to individuals, businesses, property management, and organizations about universal accessibility.

Action: Community members work together to create universally accessible spaces – including parks, beaches, trails, etc.





Current Projects:

Steve Hand CyclingPast Projects:

For more information, contact Dayna Valpey or 231.922.0903, ext. 312.

Click for the Access for Everyone Brochure.