World Mental Health Day – Oct. 10

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Computer screen with two people that says, "Metal Health in the workplace."World Mental Health Day is coming up on Tuesday, October 10, and marks the 25th anniversary of this important day. World Federation for Mental Health founded this awareness day in 1992, and people all around the world have been holding events, sharing resources, bringing awareness forward for mental health and celebrating #WorldMentalHealthDay.

Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental health issues have been shown to increase employee absenteeism, lower rates of productivity and increased costs.  Let’s take mental health out of the shadows in the work place so that people and companies have the tools to help employees and increase the overall mental well-being of their workforce.

The WMHD 2017 report (pdf) has three sections focused on healthy workplaces and mental health in the workplace.  In addition to many helpful resources.

What You Can Do to Celebrate #WorldMentalHealthDay

1 in 5 in the workplace experience a mental health condition.

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You can raise awareness on your social media accounts by using the hashtag #WorldMentalHealthDay

Workplace Mental Health Pledge - Show support by signing the Workplace Pledge

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