Woodworking as an Art Therapy

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Close-up on woodworking tools on a workbenchMany people at first think that woodworking is a hard and complicated skill. But, as all other art techniques, it can be used to relax, distract you from bad things and fill you with positive energy. Using art as a therapy while working on some psychological misbalances has proven to be very helpful and it is leaving a positive impact on people. It is relevant to distinguish art psychotherapy, which is a unique approach using art and psychology in order to carry out the treatment. In the following lines, we will discuss woodworking as one of the art therapies that can help us reduce stress, concentrate more and find a source of new energy and fuel on a daily basis.

We all have those periods of time when we lack energy, feel depressed or anxious about the current situation, upcoming changes in our life or just have a reaction to something that happened. If this process of unhappiness is long lasting, we will definitely need expert help and new hobbies that can distract us from dark thoughts, lack of willingness and unhappiness.

How can woodworking help us as an art therapy?

  • Woodworking tools on a shelfStart with this. You are looking at an amazing wooden piece. You like it very much and would like to have it, but what if you can actually make it? Yes, we will all say it is impossible, but it actually is. Pick your first project and simply try it.
  • It is proven that our brain is more active and connected if we are involved in the creative processes. Being more creative, we become able to easily deal with daily duties. Art-based activities are helpful in social and self-discovering, in recognizing emotions and understanding relationships.
  • Woodworking will make you happy. It seems so easy, but don’t forget that it requires effort, sometimes you become nervous, but in the end, it really makes you happy. And all who have ever tried it can confirm it.
  • After the first project, your self-esteem will be increased and that will help you easily deal with another part of therapies you also have. The satisfaction of job well-done is a feeling that can’t be explained and some of us definitely need it.
  • If you feel stressed, nervous, disoriented, sick pay attention to type of your woodworking projects. Take some safe processes, like painting or fishing.
  • Woodworking is a whole brain activity. You are thinking about proportions, materials, process, you are including moves, touches; the creativity is involved during the whole process. Our brain is busy and that helps us to concentrate more and confront the situations outside our shop.

Have you ever heard of vitamin W (wood)? Make sure your brain has it in regular doses and you will never feel bad and unhappy. Trying woodworking is something that we all can afford and having in mind the changes it can bring to our lives, it is worth giving a chance and starting our woody therapy.

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