Changing Signs Changing Minds

Changing Signs Changing Minds logo. Information on House Bills 4516 and 4517. Call 231.922.0903 to request info in a different format.

On April 24, we traveled to our State Capital for Legislative Day. We do this every year, joining our sister Disability Networks throughout the state, to advocate for changes that promote personal empowerment and positive social changes for people with disabilities.

Sen. Schmidt, DNNM Board member Paul Derby, Rep. LaFave, volunteer Samir Mourbarak, DNNM staff Dayna Valpey and Demarie Jones holding sign Changing Signs Changing Minds

This year our focus was the “Go Logo,” which Representative Beau LaFave introduced in House Bill 4516. HB 4516 is sponsored by Representative LaFave and has 49 co-sponsors. This bill modifies the international symbol of access to more accurately portray people with disabilities as active members in their communities.

Representative LaFave office issued a press release after Legislative Day, which included this comment by LaFave, of Iron Mountain, “The new logo shows that individuals with disabilities play an active role in the community and aren’t just sitting in a chair letting life pass them by. It’s not about political correctness, it’s about showing the true relationship between people and the devices that assist them. It’s not 1968 anymore. It’s time to portray the new reality.”

In addition to HB 4516, Representative Greg VanWoerkom introduced House Bill 4517, which removes the word “Handicapped” from parking signs. HB 4517 currently has 48 co-sponsors.

Please show your support of these new and important changes by calling your State Representatives.


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